So I’ve been fighting with Rogers for the past couple of weeks because they say I started a new contract last year, when I know that I didn’t.

Anyway, our conversations have let to some pretty funny quotes.  Including one talking about how they don’t help customers 15 minutes before close because the company won’t pay overtime because of the recession.
But today’s quote from a worker in a call centre was my favorite:
guy on phone: well did you sign a contract?
michael: no
guy on phone: well was it a verbal contract?
michael: a what?!?
guy on phone: a verbal contract, you know, did you say that you wanted a contract.
michael: ummm…I’m pretty sure verbal contracts don’t count.
guy on phone: at Rogers they do.
So if you work at Rogers or know someone that does, I have to ask: Do verbal contracts really count?!?  I just want the new Iphone, why does it have to be so hard?  Why Steve Jobs, why?!!?

Mike Morrison