>So it’s rock night on American Idol. There is only one problem, none of our finalists are Rockers! This should be interesting.

Wait. A. Minute. Was that Antonella in the audience? Tivo help me out here. Why yes, yes it was. I’m glad they didn’t lose her number, because I’m sure so many people already have!

Phil is the first to start out. I thought it was interesting that Phil talked singing Bon Jovi at the mirror into a comb. Because he obviously wasn’t using it for anything else! Ha! Out of the 6 remaining Idols, he is definitely the strongest in the rock genre. Not that that is saying much.

Ryan points out that Gina is in the audience and then rubs it in her face that the Rocker is missing out on rock week. Thanks Ryan. Just minutes later Jordin sings about “gina, a waitress.” What’s with the Idol hate on for Gina. This is a genre that isn’t really fair to Jordin. But she definitely did the best that she could. It kinda reminded me of when they made Kelly Pickler sing the best of Queen. Remember that? God, I’m still laughing at that one.

Lakisha obviously got someone’s notice to start showing some personality. Seriously Lakisha, where have you been the last two weeks? You came roaring back by showing us your “slim side”! She was another one who I wondered how they would do during Rock night, and you know what? I liked it. Watching her I felt like she was feeling the song, like maybe she was singing it to someone. At this stage of the game you have to be able to choose songs that you relate to, and she is definitely back! Also is it a compliment to be kissed by Simon? Discuss.

I loved that Bon Jovi…..scratch that, I was about to right something super sarcastic, but did you just hear Blake?!?! What the hell was that!?!?! I mean that in a good way! That was by far the most original thing we’ve ever seen?!?! Can I download that ASAP? Seriously that was awesome. Good for him! He has always been the bravest of all the performers. Did I ever tell you that my uncle’s name is Blake. Is that worth anything? I don’t know, but I do love a good name drop.

Chris Richardson is next. And he already gets bonus points for not punching Ryan Seacrest in the face when he called him Justin Timberlake. Yes, he sounds like him. But was he ever a member of a boy band? No, he is Chris, not Justin. Watch it Ryan. Chris did good tonight, but I don’t know. Usually, I’m a big fan, but I wasn’t tonight. It was kinda boring for me.

Melinda tries to rock it out to close the show. I was most nervous about her during this rock night, but she did what she could. But her voice sounded really weird no? I don’t know, I mean it was good, but it was MELINDA. Although her interaction with trying to do the “devil horns” was hilarious. I never really know how to do it either.

Hey did you know Laura Bush was cross eyed? See you really do learn something every day.

So whose going home on tomorrow night’s double elemination?

Eek it’s going to be so tough. With Sunjaya gone we have no glaringly bad singers.

Bottom Three: Phil, Lakisha, Chris
Going Home: Lakisha and Chris

Lakisha did awesome tonight, but we have to take into account last weeks votes, which I feel like might do her in!

Mike Morrison