The day that we hoped and prayed would never come is here.

Lloyd Robertson has announced that he is leaving CTV National News next year.

It is okay, you can take a moment to cry.  I know I did.

Robertson was 42-years old when he started anchoring the late-night news and now, 34 years later, he is ready to step away from the desk.  When he retires next year, he will have been at the post for 35 years!

For me, Robertson is a legend.  He is the classiest journalist our country has and I will miss watching him talking about things like Twitter and Facebook.  You can practically see his annoyance, but he never cracks. He has been with Canadians for so long, it already seems surreal to imagine him not being on our tvs every night!

There are already rumors about who will take over, but let’s not talk about that yet.  For now, let’s just enjoy our time with Lloyd and wonder what kinda day it will be without him!

Mike Morrison

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