Living green doesn’t have to be that hard. I know, I know: you recycle. But you aren’t giving up your car. I get that. But there are some super easy things you can do instead.

One of them is cancelling your annual copy of the Yellow Pages. Seriously: when’s the last time you actually said, “I really want some pizza–let’s haul out this giant directory and take twenty minutes to find a tiny number!” No, you don’t use it. It might be hard to believe that you don’t use the Yellow Pages anymore, but Google has fit quite nicely into our lives, don’t you think?

So if you want to save a TON of paper, it’s very easy to cancel your copy of the Yellow Pages:

1) Go to the Yellow Pages opt-out website:

2) Choose to “Customize your Yellow Pages Delivery”

3) Fill out the Form

4) Click on the link in the confirmation email.

There’s also a Facebook group in support of getting rid of the Yellow Pages altogether. Click here to join and tell all your friends!

(photo via 100,000 Canadians who’ve opted out of yellow pages!)

Mike Morrison