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Hannah Georgas took the stage at The Gateway to a somewhat sparse but excited crowd for her first performance of 2011. The four piece rock band had a traditional set up and presented a very typical rock sound with straight forward drum beats and a thick bass tone to back the delightful and unusual tone of Georgas’ voice. Her vocal sound is hard to describe but falls somewhere between Feist and Sarah Harmer (both of whom I love). She flirts with crossing into cutesy sounding but doesn’t quite get there, instead commanding the stage with great presence and a very tight sound as she worked through radio friendly, catchy songs with strong hooks and singable choruses. The Vancouver born artist is part of the west coast music scene with the likes of Said The Whale and Dan Mangan, fine company to be in for sure and she certainly holds her own.

Most of the songs played tonight were from Georgas’ 2010 offering ‘This is Good’ but she also revisited her previous album entitled ‘The Beat Stuff’. Everybody at the Gateway had a great time tonight including the band who threw t-shirts to the crowd between songs and interacted like old friends on stage. I had not listened to a lot of Georgas’ music before tonight but I certainly will from now on. We are not just talking about another singer songwriter with a decent voice, Georgas is the real deal that deserves, and is ready for, an audience much bigger than she had tonight.

You can check out her blog at www.hannahgeorgas.com where she will give you her top three songs of the week, everything from Sam Roberts to Kanye is on her list and it is pretty fun to read.

Honorable mention tonight goes to Calgary’s own Noel Johnson who opened the show. He is worth a listen so check him out.  If his sound is a little familiar you can credit local favorite Michael Bernard Fitzgerald who co-produced his album ‘Spirit of the Day.

Dan Meades always gets pop culture trivia questions wrong; he finds himself politely laughing along when others make jokes about TV Celebs and it took him months to realize that Brangelina is actually two separate people. In fact he had to lie through his teeth just to get Bloggity to let him write music reviews. Some of the lies he told were that he was born and raised in St. John’s Newfoundland and made a living as a George St. Musician through University. In fact Dan is almost completely tone deaf which makes it all the more remarkable that he can review concerts at all. You can reach Dan at danmeades@gmail.com

Mike Morrison

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    Way to go, Mike, for finally discovering her. She is definitely a Canadian gem we better be proud to boast of. I feel like she’s about to explode, and it’s about time! She’s been on my favs list for almost two years now (since I saw her with Jeremy Fisher at the Myer Horowitz up here in Edmonton in 2009), and she is a frequent choice for my song-a-day blog.
    Hannah is GOOD!

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