All week long, I’ve been talking about the adult/non-sex show called Puppetry of The Penis and last night in Calgary, I finally got to see….well, yeah, I saw everything.

Even though I got the chance to talk to the guys before, and had visited their website numerous times, I still wasn’t prepared for 60 minutes of penis origami. There were no props, there were no sets, there was no clothes. Just two guys and their penises. My friend Stephanie said it reminded her of balloon animals. (Just keep them away from kids.)
I have never written the word penis so much-sorry mom.

I can’t think of a time where the audiences was losing it as much as they were last night. Of course, the alcohol probably had something to with it. But the sides of me and my friends were painfully sore as we drank our beer. More than once, I did my patented move of pulling up my hoodie and covering my ears. I don’t really know what purpose that serves, but it happens makes me feel better when I’m terrified. Especially when there are real-life flying penises all over the place.
If you ever get the chance to see puppetry of the penis, I cannot recommend it enough. Easily the best money you’ll ever spend. If you want to try do one of their famous moves, here are the instructions for…The Hamburger!

Mike Morrison


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