Quick. Name a celebrity power couple.

Too easy? Name a celebrity CANADIAN power couple.
Now that’s a little harder.
But CBC has found five of them and put them all in the tv-special, Love Letters.
The show is a performing arts special based on the 1989 Pulitzer-Prize nominated play Love Letters by A.R. Gurney.
The show features Canadian acting couple Peter Keleghan (18 To Life) and Leah Pinset (Made in Canada) or Pe-tah, Peter Donaldson and Sheila McCarthy (Little Mosque on The Prarie) or Shei-ter, Nazneen Contractor (24, The Border) and Carlo Rota (24, Little Mosque on the Prairie) or Naz-lo, Colin Mocherie (Whose Line Is It Anyway) and Deb McGrath (Little Mosque on The Prairie) or De-lin. And lastly, Samantha Bee and Jason Jones (both of The Daily Show with John Stewart.) or Samanson.

In a time of reality-dating shows with Flava Flav or Tila Tequilla, a show like Love Letters is surprisingly welcomed. I had forgotten that good love stories could still be told on television. I had become cynical about what modern day media had done to the idea of love. Love Letters is warm, funny and refreshing.
What I really enjoyed about the special with that it is interlaced with true stories of the couple reading the play. Some survived long distance, others were high school hearts. And one couple had to keep their relationship secret, because they were still seeing other people.
Watch Love Letters tonight on CBC and consider it an early Valentine’s Day gift.

Mike Morrison