This is a copy of a letter I would like to send to Chantal Kreviazuk if anyone is stupid enough to give me her direct email.

‘Sup Chantal,

How’s it going?  I don’t think we’ve actually met before.  But I’m a giant fan.  If I’m remembering correctly, you may have been my very first concert I ever saw when I was kid in Fredericton.  It was either you or CATS: The Musical.  I’m not quite sure it really makes a difference.

Anyway, how are things?  Probably pretty busy, so I’ll keep this short.  I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your show in Calgary last night with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra.  Wow!  What a show!  I’ve been a fan of the idea of teaming up with orchestras ever since I heard Jann Arden team up with the Vancouver Philharmonic Orchestra.  (side note: Have you ever noticed how dirty the word philharmonic looks Chantal?  I mean really, look at it.  philharmonic.  That can’t be spelled right.)

So I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind putting last night’s show on CD or digital download?  It was an amazing experience and the Orchestrated version of Surrounded is still giving me goosebumps. Even it wasn’t last night show specifically, that would be okay too.  I know that you just finished a succesful run of shows in Winnipeg and you will soon be performing with orchestras in Vancouver (Oct. 27), Edmonton (Nov 1st) and Saskatoon (Nov. 2nd). I’m sure any of these shows will do.  Essentially I’m struggling with the fact that last night may be the only time I hear your songs with the backing of a full orchestra.

I’ve been following your career since people that you were an Alanis Moiresette rip-off and I couldn’t be happier with your continued success.  That must have felt amazing to perform with a full orchestra, eh?

Well anyway, I hope you happy with last night’s show, I know the people that caught the show will be talking about for a long time to come!



Mike Morrison


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