On Thursday night, I was truly privileged to see the debut performance of a new show called Dad’s Piano. It’s currently playing a three night run at the Motel Theatre in the Epcor Centre for the Performing Arts.

It was written by Dave Kelly, host of Calgary’s Breakfast Television and his brother, Rob directed it. It stars Christopher Hunt, who wondrously plays five different characters as they all deal with the death of Papa, a questionable father figure…in some people’s eyes.

To be frank, I honestly hadn’t prepared myself for the emotional wallop that Kelly’s script provided in 42 short minutes. Since I was a kid I always used the term: emotional roller coaster, usually when referring to my therapy sessions or yard sale-ing with my mother. But that is exactly what Dad’s Piano felt like. There were some great laughs, mixed in with heart-breaking confessions. All while short pieces of classical music were played perfectly by Jeffrey Nefeld, beside the play’s lone actor.
What struck me most was the attention to detail and how the same story line unfolded through the eyes of five different characters. I’ve been thinking a lot about people’s perspectives on things and this really got to me.
The play is only running two more nights, tonight and Saturday night. But best of all it starts at 6pm and wraps up minutes before 7. It really is a perfect length for someone riddled with self-diagnosed ADD like myself.
Congrats on a great production. I’ll be thinking about this one for a while.
For more on the play, visit their website, Dad’s Piano
For more information on Dave, check out his blog.

Mike Morrison