Holiday Flashback:

Anytime I go home, I get stuck watching terrible kids movies. Since Fredericton only has one movie theatre, there was no way I had the chance to introduce my nephew and niece to the wonderfulness that was Where The Wild Things Are and/or Fantastic Mr. Fox.
Instead, the three of us were subjected to skin-peeling inducing horribleness that was Alvin and The Chipmunks. And that was just in the theatres! At home, I was subjected to numerous viewings on Jack Frost, Hanna Montana: The Movie, Home Alone 2 and more episodes of Wizard of Waverly Place than I can remember.
The only shining light of the two weeks, was when I hauled out my review copy of Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs. The movie, which is out on DVD and BluRay today, was the only movie that we saw eye-to-eye on. I loved the cast which included SNL’s Bill Heder, Anna Faris, Bruce Campbell, Neil Patrick Harris and Mr. T. The kids loved the monkey. We all loved the story and movies amazing graphics, especially near the climatic end. The movies final scenes were made to be seen in high definition. The blu-ray player is still drooling.
While the movie isn’t of the same caliber as aforementioned kids movies, Wild Things and Fox, it was still immensely fun. At one point, my sister thought I was making fun of the movie by hiding my face under a blanket. I wasn’t. I was just really into the flick about a scientist that makes a weather machine that turns weather into food.
The movie is out today, if you have nephews or nieces, or maybe even a kid that belongs to you, I recommend picking up Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs. Making your kids watch bad movies isn’t going to help anyone. Make a difference today.

Mike Morrison