Chantal Kreviazuk’s newest album, Plain Jane, is finally out today! I actually got the chance to listen to the CD a couple of times since last week and while I don’t consider myself The Rolling Stone of music reviews for Canada, I thought I’d share with you three of my favorite songs from this really exciting album. Kraviazuk is always at her best, when her music is at it’s most emotional, whether that be happy or sad. Somehow she is able to write so many beautiful songs within these polarizing emotions. Plain Jane is a perfect example of what has made Chantal one of Canada’s most enduring singers. There are a lot of great songs to talk about, but here are some of my favourites.

Ordinary People: This will probably be Chantal’s second single, or at least it should be. Easily the most radio friendly single on the disk, it also happens to be one of the most enjoyable. A humbling song for the singer who is sometimes known for lofty and very emotional songs, this song reminds us that we all have problem, but that’s okay.
Today: This up-tempo song may be a little optimistic calling, today “the greatest day”, but sweet lord is it ever catchy. The song is about making the most of each day, no matter how it can be sometimes. It’s a great song to listen to when you are feeling down, especially before of the aforementioned catchiness.
5000 Days: The honest and softer lyrics of Chantal is another example of what has helped her more resilient than most Canadian female singers. The music itself on this song is simple but the lyrics of a 5000 day long love are what made this a favourite for me. “Did we have a clue how far we’d get, from just get a kiss” are a great way of describing the beginning of a any relationship.

Mike Morrison