For months now people have been talking about Lilith Fair. Okay, I lied. For months now people have been talking about how much people are not talking about Lilith Fair.

As hard as they tried, organizers simply could not get people excited about the show the same way they were thirteen years ago.

Perhaps it was the ticket prices ($250), maybe it was the random artists (Ke$ha) or maybe it was simply that the idea of an all female concert lineup had lost its appeal. Backstage Sheryl Crow said that thirteen years ago, you would never see a female double bill and now 50% of the most successful artists are female. So maybe in a way, Lilith Fair has put itself out of a job.

Either way, the summer festival made a graceful return to Calgary, where it officially kicked the new tour. Despite all the news of ticket prices selling poorly, over 9,000 people showed up on a sunny afternoon to enjoy the festival.

The artists at each of the venues will change depending on people’s scheduling.  McLachlin will be the only one to play EVERY show.  The Calgary mainstage featured Colby Caillat, Erykah Badu, Sheryl Crow and Sugarland.  It is too bad that only one Canadian was featured on the big stage, it seems like it would have been a great opportunity to showcase some homegrown talent.

The crowds seemed to be enthralled by the performances but less than thrilled with pretty much everything else.  There were no food vendors besides the stadium staples.  Plus, long lines for food, the bank and the washrooms grew more and more aggravating as the day went on.  If you think lines for the women’s washroom is usually long, try going to “Breast Fest.”

Lilith Fair will continue to tour across North America all summer long.  If I were you, I’d wait to buy my tickets last minute.  The night before the concert, Ticketmaster slashed the prices by 50%!

Welcome back Lilith, we missed you.

(You can also read my story about Lilith in Monday’s Metro. Click here to read it!)

Mike Morrison


  1. Perhaps the attendance have died down because more people are educated about who lilith is. I know the concerts are for empowering women but lilith is also a demonic legend. It’s very bazaar to celebrate a demonic legend. How could women look up to lilith when she was/is known to kill children? I think people are ignorant about lilith and once they find out her background they stay away. Lilith fair is a total flop. Performers standing up for a demon. Wow!

  2. Going to see the tour when it hits Detroit. How long was the duration of the concert?

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