People are always looking to do things for free.  Why not?  Free stuff is awesome, well, it’s free.  You’d be amazed what people would do for free, but would you get married for free?  Well, this is your chance!

This weekend being Valentine’s Day and all,  Revelstoke Mountain Resort is offering couples the chance to renew their vows…or get married in one of the most beautiful places on earth for FREE!

The mountain will have a Justice of the Peace set up at the Mackenzie Outpost at the top of the gondola from 12:30pm to 2:30pm.

The only catch?  You have to stop by the Courthouse, which is only open to 4pm and grab your marriage licence, it’s about $100. But, if you want to renew your vows, I can’t imagine you having to get another marriage licence for that. But I have no idea about weddings.

I kind of really love this idea! Again, super simple and marketing wise, it’ll pay off in spades. Can’t wait to see the photos!


Mike Morrison