This weekend is very special for Canadians. For some it marks another long weekend to kick off the holiday weekend, however for most it is a time to remember, reflect and celebrate.

Remembrance Day is probably the most important holiday that all Canadians observe every year. However, this year seems different than most. When I was growing up Remembrance Day was always about hearing stories from our grand parents about World War I and II. Their tales of bravery and triumph were so inspirational, but they were also just memories. They were of a time none of us could comprehend. The World Wars were things we read about in textbooks. They were a world away.

Today is different. Although there were wars while I was growing up there wasn’t the internet, countless 24-hour news stations and there wasn’t September 11th. Like it or not, today’s generation of children are living in a war torn world. Today’s children not only hear stories from their grandparents, they now hear them their brothers, sisters, friends, aunts, uncles and parents. If they don’t know someone that has been apart of our modern wars, all they have to do is log onto youtube or BBC news to see images of war that would be so foreign to our nation 30 years ago.

The idea of Remembrance Day has also been extended beyond soldiers and veterans. Those lose in the line of duty right here on our own land are also remembered at a time like this, as well they should be.

The children of today know what our world is really about. It’s not always easy and it’s not always safe. It’s not always about Xbox 360s and Webkins. Like most people, our world is flawed. However children have to understand that there are good people out there, people who are loving and are working to make it the same save world that our grandparents fought for.

Like most things Remembrance Day is evolving. Not only is it about remembering those lost so many years ago, it is also a time to reflect those on their way to war or a peacekeeping mission.

So this November 11th, take the time, take that moment to look around. Take a deep breath and smile. It’s what our grandparents would want us to do.

Mike Morrison