Living in a big city has it’s advantages. There is always people to visit, new cool movies opening, lots of cool little shops and there is always lots of bars and restaurants to go to. Unfortanatly when you are working two jobs and doing a play you are not always left with lots of time to see everyone you want to or do the things that most people your age do every weekend.

This weekend was no different but for my friend’s “29th” birthday I picked up my sorry ass for her’s 70’s themed party. Unfortunatly I wasn’t born in that decade so my left over clothes are limited at best. I’ve never been a fan of spending money at a vintage store on clothes that you are only going to wear once. Even though they are only $3, that is still $3. (please don’t remind me that I just spent $160 to see Al Gore.) So I show up at this party with the best that my closet had to offer, tight jeans and a vintage looking tshirt tucked in. Seriously, that’s all I got.

Anyway after hanging out at the house for a bit, we hit up the bowling alley, where my friends had, what some would call, the displeasure of meeting “Competitive Mike”. Very few have met him, even fewer have met him and “Drinking when he is Really tired Mike” at the same time.

I’ll let the pictures explain:

Everything started fine…..(notice the sexy shoes)
Then things started to get a little foggier…..
We left bowling and went out to eat…..I can’t remember how, but somehow this happened….

Which in the end led to ths…….


All in all it was a great night and I was in bed by 10:30pm. Oh Chrystal and Ashley, whose parties I had every intention of hitting up on Saturday night, i’m sorry I didn’t make it! I’m forever endebted to both of you!

Mike Morrison