It’s a sad state of affairs when you take a look at the Weekend’s top movies. Well really just one movie. The Gameplan. This past weekend it collected over 22.4 Million Dollars, and opened at the #1 spot. Sure the american dollar isn’t has strong as it used to be but that still adds up to a whole heck of a lot of wasted moola.

I mean really parents, you already own this movie. It’s called Are We There Yet, The Pacifier, Kindgergarden Cop, Cop and a Half, Three Men and A Baby. While technically I think you are a cool parent if you own Cop and a Half on DVD, that still doesn’t excuse taking your kid to the same movie you and I both know has already been made dozens of times.

Not that I really advocate choosing fresh air and healthy activities over pop culture, even I make room on weekends with lackluster movie selections to walk to my mailbox or put out the garbage. Speaking of garbage, I didn’t see The Game Plan, which stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, but I’m fairly certain I would rather pick through garbage then watch this. Didn’t anyone go see this movie? Maybe I’m wrong, maybe it is the next Schindler’s List.

After reviewing the box office numbers for the week, I guess it’s a little easy to see why this movie did as well as it did. The next kid movie on the list? Bratz, all the way down at #59 and it’s been out for 9 weeks already. Not that that movie any better for your kids.

I don’t think there is that many more choices for parents and kids in the upcoming weeks. Saw 4 anyone? It looks like they’ll have to wait for the smart looking Enchanted that is about an animated princess who is thrown into modern day (real life) NYC. I think I’ll take Saw 5.

Mike Morrison