Ahhh man some bands just can’t catch a break.

A few days ago, Calgary based band Raleigh was about to start their cross country tour when they hit a little bit of a speed bump:  Their vehicle was broken in to!  Oh Toronto, must you live up to your stereotype every single time?  In the break-in the band lost a their most valuable possessions, including: MacBook Air, a MacBook Pro, a digital camera, a passport belonging to drummer Matt Doherty, 25 CDs of the bands latest album New Times In Black and White, two backpacks (leaving Brock with only the clothes he was wearing at the time), and most devastatingly a valued tour diary containing stories and memories along with the names of friends, bands and venues spanning the last four years.

Seriously, who steals a diary?!  Not cool at all.  Looking on the bright side, maybe those 25 CDs will end up on the desk of some big music industry person and will change the bands lives forever. Maybe this is really just the start of a really cool biographical movie!  Positive thinking!  Positive thinking!

Send letters of encouragement, money, and clothes here: raleigh.music@hotmail.com

Mike Morrison