One of my favorite movies of the entire year comes out on DVD today and just in time for me to start dropping hints for xmas gifts to anyone who feels like sending me presents!

Hellboy II:The Golden Army was the other comic book movie that came out during the same summer as Iron Man and The Dark Knight. But the great thing about Hellboy was that it was sooooo good that for the people that actually saw it, it sorta became our little secret. But now it is on DVD, I insist that you see it and finally understand what fans having been talking about all summer long! Like The Dark Knight you don’t really need to see the first one to enjoy the sequel and like Knight, it’s sequel is immensely more enjoyable than it’s original. (However, let’s all remember how fun it was finding the first Hellboy on DVD shall we?)

I can honestly tell you right now, that aside from watching Cloris Leachman or Marie Osmond dance on DWTS, you have never seen anything like Hellboy. I lost track of how many amazing and stunning shots that Hellboy II had, I kept looking over at my friend and saying, “Are you kidding? Are you freaking kidding me!?!” He thought I was talking about the fact that he had eaten all the popcorn, when in actuality I was talking about the visually stunningness (new word!) of this little comic book character that could!

I am telling your right now to watch Hellboy II: The Golden Army. I promise you will enjoy every second of it!

Mike Morrison