>Just to catch you up:

– I did not get a call back for the Second City reality show, but I’m really OK with it. I had a really fun time and hopefully you’ll see me on TV! Plus they only took 4 people from Calgary so the odds were never very good. But thanks to everyone for the support. It was definitly felt.

-Someday when we are all a little older and better friends remind me to tell you the story of me going tanning in preparation of my trip to Hawaii and burning in a …um…very special area. And then trying to go last minute shopping and being in so much pain that I finally went to the pharmacy for some aloe vera only to have to explain to an embarrased pharmacist where I was burnt. It’s a story for the ages.

Children of Men is on DVD today. Rent it. Although I saw no problem of a world with no children it was an amazing movie. Lot’s of suprises and action.

-I tried to buy the Elliot Yamin CD yesterday, because I believe in supporting ugly but good singers and the music store never even ordered any copies of it. The clerk made me keep repeating his name, and it only added to the awkwardness of me limping into the store in the first place. (see above.)

-I’m going to Nelly Furtado tonight. I’m pretty excited about this. I saw her in concert a couple of years ago, you know before she was a whore. It will be interesting to see.

-I want more than anything in the world for Samosa to sing “Hollaback Girl” on American Idol tonight. Also, I’m beginning to get really concerned that there is enough momentum to get him to actually win this thing. It will be un.believ.able.

Mike Morrison