The 25th annual MTV Video Music Awards were handed out Sunday night and like with every thing on MTV it was completely ridiculous but still fun to watch, kinda like a car crash, a drunken, cocaine, arrogant and lip-synching car crash.

-Does anyone over hype more the hybrid of muchmusic and mtv? It’s especially bad now that they are both owned by the same company.
-No surprise that Britney looked great, what was surprising was that she apparently forgot not to hold the mic directly in front of her face.
-I wanted to love Russell Brand so much, so far? Not so much.
-It’s getting harder and harder to resist the Jonas Brothers. Even the most cynical person has to admit that it was pretty cool to see 1200 running and screaming (casted) teenagers.
-Michael Phelps left his energy in the pool.
-Lil’ Wayne has so many tatoos he could be on Prison Break, so know if Prison Break was still cool.
-Uhhh Lil’Wayne and Young Jezzy are two different people! Who knew?
-I’m 26 years old and I have never heard a Paramour song, all of a sudden I feel a whole lot older.
-John Legend and Tila Tequila sitting beside eachother.
-Anyone know why Leah Miller from Muchmusic keeps showing us clips from VMAs that just happened? Aside from Ten Second Ted is anyone’s memory that bad?
-OMG Lincoln Park won an award! OMFG Lincoln Park is still around!
-P!nk definitely have the coolest performance of the night, too bad she also had the worst back-up singers.
-Holy shit those paid fans are EVERYWHERE!
-I’ve always been confused by Slipknot and their masks. What’s the point of being a famous band if no one recognizes you?! And is it weird that I think they sound like really nice guys?
-Jordin Spark calls out Sluts! Nice!
-I love how they are using the Paramount lot for some of the performances!
-Rhianna is back for a second performance, seems kinda greedy no?
-Christina Aguilera is back but why is she lip syncing? She does an amazing job live, maybe baby max is more tiring than she thought he was going to be? Not that she doesn’t look hot cause that girl can still put on a great show.
-It was great to see Tokyo Hotel win because out of all the artists they could use exposure that comes with the award. I also never realized that Canada’s Tokyo Police Club was a different band either. See, you can learn things from MTV.
-So what is the night’s most talked accessory? A promise ring.
-I seriously hate Kid Rock. You know what I hate more than Kid Rock? All Summer Long, Which for one reason or another Calgary has adopted as it’s theme song. Ahh well I guess it’s better than Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy. Unfortunately.
-Britney completes with her come back with two VMAs, of course she is still chewing gum, ahh Britney don’t ever change!
-Kanye threw a fit at last year’s VMAs and here he is back to close the show. So fickle Kanye, so fickle indeed.

Mike Morrison