-Ben Stiller’s new movie The Heartbreak Kid opens Friday and it is expected to do very very well. But, while I am a Ben Stiller fan I won’t be using my Coca Cola two for one coupon to watch this one. The reason? It confuses me. A couple of years ago Ben did a movie called Along Came Polly, where on his honeymoon his new wife left him for a man she might while on their vacation. We were supposed to feel bad for Ben until he met Polly (Jennifer Aniston). Now in this new movie, Ben is a newlywed on his honeymoon except for this time HE meets someone and falls in love with her. But this time we are supposed to feel bad for him again because his new wife is a crazy mofo. I don’t know, it just seems weird that we are supposed to feel bad for someone who is cheating on his new wife. I realize it is just a comedy, but still.

-Do you remember the TV show Cupid? No, don’t worry, no one except for me and a few devoted fans do. It was a show that aired 8 years ago on ABC and starred Jeremy Piven (post-Ellen, pre-Entourage) as a man who was convinced that he was the actual Cupid and that he was fulfilling his destiny to hook people up. I think the showed aired Saturday nights and understandibly the criticle darling didn’t do too well. So imagine my suprise when ABC announced they were bringing it back yesterday. Obviously the cast won’t be the same, but they are brining the show back which is pretty cool. Althought the short lived original series isn’t on DVD yet, expect it to be released now to stir up interest in the remake.

-Two weeks into the season and there doesn’t seem to be a HUGE flop yet. Sadly they removed Nashville from the sched, but it was never expected to do well. But even Cavemen got OK ratings. I wonder what will be the next show to go? Maybe Moonlight? Hopefully not Friday Night Lights.

-Also, my new roomate loves crime shows. She likes all the Law and Orders and especially loves Criminal Minds. Because of this, I have watched the last two episodes of Criminal Minds and can I just one thing: that show, scares the shit out of me. I don’t know what is more disturbing that the writers can up with this scary shit or that so many people watch it. Maybe I’m just a baby, but this show is fu*k*d!

Mike Morrison