>-If you must see Harry Potter, and believe me you must, try to see it in an IMAX theatre. It’s simply brilliant, especially because for the final 20 minutes of the movie you get cool 3-D glasses to watch all the wizardry. Very cool.

-Why NBC Why!: I was so elated that Isaiah Washington was fired from Grey’s Anatomy (again, not because of the whole f-word, thing but because I find him to be both pretentious and arrogant and I don’t like people who have similar character traits as me.) But then NBC had to go and ruin it all by hiring him for 6 episodes of their new super cool looking update for Bionic Woman. Well at least it was super cool looking.

-I miss 30 Rock probably more than any show this summer. That’s why I was pumped to hear that when it comes back in September Jerry Seinfeld will be guest starring as himself. Fun Fact: The only Seinfeld episode I’ve ever completely seen is the final episode. Not so funny. I know, I know, it sucked. But it’s my fun fact, so you can deal with it. But I’m glad that 30 Rock is getting any publicity. It could use it!

-I’m sad. I’m sad because I’m excited for the finale of Canada’s Next Top Model. I need a life.

-Also, I”m going to be a groomsmen and MC at my friends Ollie and Krista’s wedding next month. I need to know what people think of the MC. What are you pet peeves? What do they do that you like? I’ll take any advice you got!

-Did you know ABC is bringing back October Road? Who knew?

-Finally, please do not send me any copies of the downloaded new Harry Potter book. I don’t want it. All I want is the quiet 6 month period that it will take me to finish it. Please respect this. Also, please do make fun of my slow reading skills. I blame Goosebumps.

Mike Morrison

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