>-Tonight the CW premieres their new show Gossip Girl. Let’s be honest, the show looks stupid, really stupid. But those damn CW execs are forcing me to watch because the dearly department Veronica Mars (actually its her portrayer Kristen Bell) will be playing the never seen narrator. Think Mary Alice from Desperate Housewives, only she won’t make you want to stab out your ears.

-Did anyone see the premiere of Beauty and The Geek? My new roomie was immediately sucked in after she overheard this quote from one of the beauties: “I had a hard time with the percentages questions because I never use percentages in my job as a waitress.” Overall I thought the show was as good as always, my only complaint would be the scenes for the entire season which show WAY TOO much about the social experiment. In case you were wondering about the song that played over the montage it was Suzy MacNeil “Believe”. She was a contestant on the first season of Rock Star:INXS. Don’t ask how I know that.

-The Big Brother finale was pretty much the most anti-climatic reality show finale ever. Sure it was cool that those two ended up in the final two, but it certainly didn’t make for good TV. I liked Eric’s big reveal about being America’s Player. I have to appreciate that the producers didn’t show that the reason he first kissed Jessica was because it was a part of the game. I’m glad that he’ll have a chance to explain himself before she sees it played out for herself.

Kid Nation and America’s Next Top Model both start tomorrow. I think I’ll watch Kid Nation at least once just to see what all the fuss is about. In case you didn’t know, it’s a new reality show that forces for kids to live in a society all on their own, with no grown ups. It has cause all kids of controversy, but it will be still be neat to watch. Why wasn’t this show around when I was a kid.

-Also, some astute readers might have noticed that we now have a negative reader amongst us. He/she chooses to leave comments that are obviously supposed to be hurtful. The funny thing is that anyone knows me knows that getting teased and harassed didn’t bother when I was in high school, so it is definitely not going to bother me now. Especially when every day I pour my life out onto this blog for anyone to read and he/she can’t even put their first name. Classy. I’ve decided that I’m not going to delete them as long as the comments don’t use “bad words” or become vulgar (it’s family friendly blog). That way, if you are ever in a bad mood you can read the mean comments and know that you are better than at least one person out there.

-Finally, I think I broke my roommate. Since she moved in two weeks ago, she has watched the entire first season of “30 Rock” and all three seasons of “The Office.” All this from a girl who told me she doesn’t watch TV. Ahhh, another convert.

Mike Morrison