>I’m writing this blog from houston, tx. I’m here until Friday.

Things to think about:

1) It is bloody hot here in Houston, but its amazing that this morning I was wearing a tuque freezing my ass off, and now I’m surrounded by palm trees.

2)On my plane from Dallas to Houston, they had a magazine, Faith and Sports. It was perhaps the greatest read I’ve ever read.

3)Why is JoJo (The 14 year old pop sensation) so bitter for her age? Seriously, I think she is actually 37 and just looks 14. Am I alone here?

4)I’m impessed that I am spending my second week in Houston, with little to no knowledge of what I actually do at my job.

5) I just woke by boss up and she came to the door wearing a retainer, where is my retainer? 1998, have you seen it?

6) The average weight of people who live in Houston is more than my entire wardrobe.

7)The title of this blog is completly irrelevent, but clever none the less!

Mike Morrison