>So after both receiving successful invites to Hollywood on last night’s American Idol- Criminal Records have popped up. They are: Ashlyn Carr (the nice girl who got 2 chances to impress the judges with her weird facial expressions) and Akron Watson ( whose cousin made a big joke about not getting in and had to sing twice cause Simon that he had no personality). Ashlyn was arrested for pouring sugar into her ex-boyfriends car (maybe that’s why she got beat up) and Akron was arrested for pot possession. He actually never made it to Hollywood week, the producer dis-invited him two days before! Ouch!

So, my question is this: Should potential celebrities be punished for their past discrepancies? Surely we all have skeleton’s in our closets. If they’ve done the crime and done the time, shouldn’t it end there? Or should we make sure these once criminals remain in the wings in hopes they won’t tarnish the sweet minds of the sweet children watching American Idol?

Mike Morrison