I hope people don’t get sick of me.

I just wanted to quickly let you know of two really cool things I’m doing with CBC this week.

Some of you may have heard that us Albertans are going to the polls on March 3rd. It was announced today that we will be having our first provincial elections since and I was contacted by CBC late last week to do an interview about the possible effects of the transported Atlantic Canadians living in Canada’s fastest growing province on the elections. It was really great to talk about an issue I feel so strongly about and I can’t wait to talk about it a little more over the next 4 weeks.

They have posted our interview on their website and you can check it out here.
(I need to thank Erin C. for helping me make sure I wasn’t going to sound like a complete idiot…THANKS Erin!!!)


On Wednesday morning you’ll be able to listen to an interview I did tonight with CBC Radio. The interview actually wasn’t about politics but instead it was about this blog!!! It was so fun. We chatted for about 5 minutes about all things Mike’s Bloggity Blog Blob, (man I wish this thing had a shorter name!) The interview will be on Wednesday morning at a pure evil time of 6:40am (9:40 in the maritimes). I realize most of the world is awake at that time, but I am not. So hopefully they’ll be sending me an MP3. If you are listening at that time you can listen here in Calgary on 99.1FM or online here.

After hours of staring at it, I can sadly inform you that even if you stare at the CBC logo it is NOT a magic eye puzzle. Sadness.

This however is. Enjoy:

Mike Morrison