>Never underestimate the power of Mikes Bloggity Blog Blob!!! Are you listening Jim Belushi! You are next!

Now that Antonella has gotten the boot, I know exactly what you are thinking. She got shafted because of those photos came out and ruined her chances. And now you feel bad. Well I completly disagree with you, so don’t be fooled by her trickery. At the end of the day she was not a good singer. Ok she is good, but not great. And that’s what we are looking for. Now I know what you thinking, Mike you aren’t even American what difference does it make. Well, you would be right, I’m not Canadian, but our choices of Canadian Idols have been about as good as my choices in hair regrowth shampoo. Seriously where did Ryan Malcolm go. Anyone. So I feel the need to keep an eye in on our American friends. Trust me, they love it!

Mike Morrison