>I am a horrible person. I deride a lot of popular culture, but without it, I’d have little at which to overtly express my distaste. It’s a love/hate kind of thing – both sides of which take place within my own brain. The Entertainment World knows nothing of our relationship. It’s like a metaphor for every girl I’ve ever liked.

Let’s move on.

But not too far – it’s Potter Time!

One of the few things that I secretly (not secretly at all) enjoy to a stupid degree is Harry Potter, because, let’s face it, I Am Not An Adult. But there’s nothing wrong with liking Harry Potter, especially when the movies are really quite decent and nobody’s a vampire (thank God).

This week, the brand new Harry Potter film (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) is being released!


Here’s one of the trailers:

And, here’s Emma Watson’s (Hermione) interview with David Letterman from last week (finally a female teen star who wears underwear!):


Mike Morrison