So I was watching Love, Actually tonight for…um…research purposes and I need to address something that has always bothered me about this nearly perfect movie (suck it Citizen Kane)

Why the hell does Laura Linney’s character get the shaft in the movie?  Everyone else ends up finding love and being happy and what does she end up with? A slightly abusive brother who she oddly calls “her darling”?  Sure she gets to make out with that Karl guy but he gets cock-blocked by her brother’s needy tendencies.  Then that’s it.  We never see her again.  And how come she isn’t even in the final airport scene?  Even Denise Richards and Shannon Elizabeth show up for some epilogue fun.  What about about Sarah and Karl?  Why don’t they get any of the final montage love?
I scoured the bonus features, again for research, and there is no mention of why Laura Linney’s story is essentially dropped mid-movie.  Although I did learn that there was a whole other story line about the school where the xmas concert is taking place’s principal is a lesbian whose partner is dying over the holidays, but for movie length purposes it was edited out of the movie.
With that my holiday movie marathon has begun.  Still on the docket: A Muppet Christmas Carol, Home Alone, The Office Christmas Episode, Bad Santa and Christmas Vacation.

Mike Morrison