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Like every other human being on earth I have been watching the Olympics like crazy lately. Unlike the rest of the world I seem to be more than confused than impressed.

Over the last couple of nights I have making a list of questions, comments and concerns pertaining to all things Olympics.

  • I think it’s funny that the women’s beach volleyball teams always hug after every point. It seems nice and cordial.
  • Do you have to wear ugly hair clips to be a gymnast?
  • Do table tennis players classify themselves as athletes? Do they workout?
  • How many different ways and/or forms can one race in a pool?
  • Is it really fair that someone who does a 2 hour triathlon gets the same gold medal as someone who jumps off a board or runs for 10 seconds? Not that I think one is more athletic than the other, I just think they should have different sized medals depending how long it took to win them.
  • Can the country of Canada sponsor Michael Phelps? Maybe he can be in one of those Heritage Moment commercials?
  • It’s weird that they involve horses in the Olympics right? Are there any other animals involved during the two weeks? Do horses ever adjust to the jet lag?
  • BMX racing? Cool.
  • How do you try out for the Canadian Handball team? Imagine the type of people that show up for those tryouts by accident.
  • Water Polo is an Olympic sport, but polo isn’t? What about badminton?
  • Did you know that the 2008 games is the last time that baseball and softball will be Olympic sports? Canada probably won’t notice.
  • It seems like every Canadian child plays soccer, so why is it that we can never actually do well at it at the games? I blame parent coaches.
  • Whatever happened to the Gymnastic foam pit? I was good at that.
  • Is it really fair if a diver (China’s Wang Xin) only weighs 65 pounds? Is it even less fair that divers get to sit in a hot tub in between dives?

* In researching my questions (yes, I do research), I found out that quite a few sports of been cut from the Summer Olympics, and they aren’t ones that you would necessarily expect. They include: golf, croquet, cricket and sadly Tug of War (see above picture)! Luckily hockey and figure skating were moved from the Summer games to the more ideal Winter games in 1920.

Mike Morrison