Here in Calgary we are only three sleeps away from the Calgary Stampede!

Even if you don’t live here, I know you’ve heard of it and might even be a little interested in what the big party is all about.  Sure there are tons of cowboys, drinking and fireworks, but there is also always a little bit of controversy.

And this year’s Stampede will be no different.

In yesterday’s Calgary Herald, the Vancouver Humane Society bought a full-page, $15,000 ad that is already forcing everyone to talk about what is always a point of contention for many Calgarians.

Check out the ad below:Whether you’ve ever been to a rodeo or not, it isn’t always an easy thing to watch or even see on the TV.  But then again, Calgarians are proud of their rodeos, so many of them are upset over the ad.

So I thought I put the question out to you.  Do you agree with the ad?  Is it appropriate, or should VHS have used a more graphic image to get their point across?

Mike Morrison


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