We are only 32 days away from finding which extremely talent Canadian musician will win the 2010 Polar Music Prize!!!!

Out of all the awards in Canada, this is my absolute favourite because it allows Canadians the chance to discover so much great Canadian music that you’ll never find on Top 40 radio!

If you need a refresher on the Top 10, click here.

If you have never heard of any of the bands, do.not.worry.  That is exactly what these awards are for!  Don’t be shy, discover music that goes beyond auto-tune and mass-produced singles.

The Polaris website has a great media player that will play you songs from all the aritsts nominated.  Consider it a sampler plate of amazing music.  Turn it on while you are at work or cleaning up around the house, I guarentee by the end of the week, you’ll download at least one of the musicians!

Only 31 more sleeps!!!

Mike Morrison


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