Have you seen this video of AHL coach Jim Playfair losing his shit??
It’s pretty classic.

Since I don’t care to know anything about Playfair and I’m still not convinced that the AHL is even a real thing, I’ve been trying to imagine what the hell he is possibly so upset about.
Here is what I’ve come up with so far:
  • Ugly Betty’s cancellation.
  • Bought a new jacket and it shrunk after his roommate put it in the dryer instead of getting it dry-cleaned.
  • Hates how easily hockey sticks break and he feels his frustration would be best expressed in demonstration form.
  • Is still really angry that Jake chose Vienna.
  • Can’t get this song out of his head.
  • Annoyed that you can never find coca-cola products in hockey rinks.

Obviously, most of these ideas are assumptions and yes, I’m annoyed about most of these things too. But let’s just all remember, it is just a hockey game. Worse yet, an AHL hockey game.

In case you are wondering, that is TWO posts this week about sports!!?!?! It is like I’m TSN over here or something!

Mike Morrison