By now you’ve probably heard about the new claim that reusable bags are actually harmful for us.

Apparently research shows that cotton bags are actually crawling with bacteria!  Which is admittaly gross, until you try to think of something that isn’t.  Money? People? Dogs?  Celebrities?

 This whole story is really stressing me out, because the more people talk about it and unfortunately believe it, the harder it will be convince people to finally make the switch from plastics bags!

You can read about the story here at the Globe and Mail.
Before you make sure your decision, I can’t help but point out that the research was funded Environment and Plastics Industry Council.  They are an association representing plastic-bag makers!!!! (Seriously, what souless social rejects work at a place like this?)
It would be like me sponsoring a survey in support of people watching Blu-Rays on sunny weekends. (see you this Sunday Taken). It’s obviously going to be biased.
So stop using plastic bags, wash your cotton ones and close your blinds and watch a movie!
It’s almost summer! 

Mike Morrison