This week, I was on Global Calgary sharing some of my favourite places to go comfort camping, or “glamping” in Alberta. Check out the clip to see some of my suggestions. More details below!

Pigeon Lake Yurts

Range from $120-$165 and sleep four to eight people.

These fill up quickly, but are a ton of fun and make camping a lot easier for people might have a hard time sleeping on the ground. They come pretty much fully equipped, you just need to bring sleeping bags.

You can find other yurts: Mount Engadine Lodge, Miquelon Lake (Camrose)

Otentiks-Elk Island 

$120 a night.

Easily the most popular kind of comfort camping, which makes it super hard to book. You really need to be on your game to book them, but if you do get one, they are a ton of fun.  If you’re a bit flexible with dates, you could still a find a night or two before they close for the season in October.

You can also find them in Banff and Jasper National Parks.

Aspen Crossing Caboose Cabins

$149-$239 a night.
Sleep 4-6 people.

Your chance to stay in one of three cabooses. One from the 1920s, another from 1949, and 1971.  All the modern amenities like showers, air conditioning and flat screen TV, but inside a historical train.

Cypress Hills Provincial Park Cabins

Sleeps four.

These have the most availability left for the summer, so if you’re up for a three hour drive or so from Calgary, this might be your best bet. The cabins are located right on the shores of a lake, in one of the country’s most beautiful provincial parks. Each cabin has a and separate sleeping and living/eating spaces. No bathroom though, but some are definitely near by.

Mike Morrison