Ahh man, Vancouver gets to have all the fun!

The Olympics, Smallville, East Hastings.  
Disney/Pixar just announced that they will be opening a brand new studio in Vancouver!  Apparently all our tax breaks were enough to convince the company to move up North.  I would have thought it had something to do with that fact that we exhaustingly have to say hello to every person we make eye contact with, but apparently they are more interested in saving money, then dealing with awkward Canadian social trends.
In an interview The Hollywood Reporter, Disney/President Ed Catmull said  “The operation will be small in size and dedicated to producing short-form quality computer animation for theme parks, DVDs, television and theatrical exhibition,” 
Question: Do you think Catmull is a very weird last name? Especially if taken in the very un-Peta-friendly literal sense?

Mike Morrison