Sonny and Cher
Brookes and Dunn
Wayne and Garth
Simon & Garfunkle

and now…

P!nk and City and Colour. 

Now, that’s a duo that I never pictured happening but I’m oh so happy it is!  Pulling a Beyonce, the duo, who toured together last year, surprised everyone when they released a new single today and also announced a whole album will be released on October 14th.

I honestly couldn’t be happier. I’ve always been a big fan of both of these guys, and truthfully, P!nk’s more mellow songs, the one’s that don’t get released on Top 40 radio have always been my favourite. The first single “You + Me” looks like it’ll capture much of the magic that I’ve always loved about P!nk non-pop anthems. And let’s be honest, while we all love Dallas Green, a little of P!nk’s high energy might do the guy some good!

Bah!  I don’t know what the weather is doing where you live, but in Calgary it’s snowing..and it’s a Monday, so the news that two of my favourite artists are teaming up is really making my day. Imagine a tour?!  I’m just so happy about this!

Best. Monday. Ever!

Mike Morrison

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