I spent my weekend at the very cool and very informative NextMedia Conference in Banff.  Over the next couple of days I’m going to talk about some of the stuff that I learned there.  It was completely overwhelming, exhausting and amazing.  

One of the coolest things I learned (and maybe everyone new this already), but Google now (and finally) has Picasa for Macs!
Thanks the heavens!
You know what is cooler than Picasa?  
Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.
In case you don’t know, Picasa is a photo organization tool.  Basically it’s like Iphoto, only googlized.  Meaning it’s fun, easy, free and cool.  Iphoto is one of those things.
For the longest time it wasn’t available for Macs and it was on the thing that made me regret making the switch to the Macbook.  But now, unlike in my personal life, I am regret free.
If you are a Mac User, make sure you download and ditch Iphoto.  You.Will.Love.It.
ps: Dear Macs, please develop the BumpTop for us mac users please.  Thanks!

Mike Morrison