On Thursday night, I threw a little party to thank all of the people who have helped me with blog.  It was all in celebration of the blog’s 5th anniversary, or as I was lovingly referring to it, The Bloggity Birthday.  With more than 4,300 posts, there’s no way I did it alone and so I wanted to say thank you!

It was an amazing night, we celebrated at Craft Beer Market and it went well into the wee hours of the night.  Here are some of the photos, thanks to Bridge It Photography for the amazing photos.

mike 10

Aldona Barutowicz (Alberta Theatre Projects) and actress Ksenia Thurgood

mike 7

From National PR Lauren Piercy and Kelly Sinclair.

mike 6

mike 5
Alex Kingcott, Sheenah Rogers and Lana Rogers from Anstice PR

mike 4

Taylor Barrie (The Calgary Foundation)

mike 3

mike 2

Blogger Jess Fralick, Aldona Barutowicz (Alberta Theatre Projects) and Alex Bonyun (Calgary Opera)


Lauren Barrie, Twitter expert Justin Reti and Taylor Barrie (The Calgary Foundation)

mike 9

Adam Schink, Brad Walker (Bottom Line Productions), Blogger Jess Fralick and Todd Hawkwood (Bottom Line Productions.)

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