As you may have heard, Calgary is currently under one of the worst flood’s in our city’s history. It’s pretty bad and personally, we’ve now been out of our home for three days. So I’m sitting here being bummed and realized that I don’t want to be bummed anymore. So here are good things (so far) that have come out of the flood.


1044266_10151420284977757_1377923443_nThis awesome “Bad Portrait” by Mandy Stobo of our mayor, Naheed Nenshi.

20130621-183718-gThis photo. (Via Calgary Sun.)


BNY2gp4CAAI4p6t.jpg_largeThese guys.  While other Canadian city’s city councils seem to be falling apart, ours has been accessible, informative and helpful. They’ve played a huge role on limiting the panic, almost making the last few days feel normal….almost.

in High River, Alta. on June 20, 2013 after the Highwood River overflowed its banks. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jordan VerlageMomo the swimming cat. Who knew cats could swim so well!?

BNZsT9vCEAAR071.jpg_largeWhoever made this.


This guy.   You know you’re doing something right, when the citizens of your city essentially demand that you take a nap. We’re lucky to have someone like Nenshi in charge.



Mike Morrison


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