For one post, I’m using my blog for personal griping.

I’ve been a Rogers customer for four years.  I pay every month and have never been a pain in their side.  Now I would really like an Iphone.  But because I already have a contract (which was extended when I got a new phone last year) they are charging me twice what new customers pay.
So my grumpiness, which can only be cured by listening to Garth Brooks and a Big Mac, is caused by my confusion.  Why do new customers pay significantly less than loyal customers.  Sure I could be an ass and go yell at some sales clerk.  But unfortunately I suffer from this condition that causes me to cry when I mean to yell.  Plus, it’s totally un-cool to yell at people making minimum wage over something they have absolutely no control over. 
Obviously I get the business behind it, they are in it to make money.  And Apple fans are rabid for everything they can get their hands on, no matter the cost.  But some of us aren’t like that.  Some of us just think it’s a really great phone, but don’t want to pay 200% more than new customers.  While I wish I  was in the position to pay that much extra, I also wish I had hair.  And lord knows that ain’t happening.
I guess, I wish, that sometimes it was about a little more than business.
And scene.

Mike Morrison