Every since the whole Billy Bob “drama”, I can’t help but feel that CBC’s The Q is really bringing their A game. Not that they haven’t before, but they are certainly benefiting from their recent international exposure by bringing in a wide range of guests, guests that will surely start conversation across Canada.

Tomorrow will be no different.

Jian Ghomeshi will be interviewing the one and only Perez Hilton today. But wait, this isn’t your regular ET Canada-type segment with the self-proclaimed Gossip Gangster, according to Ghomeshi’s Twitter, Hilton will be on to talk about tastemaking & music from his perspective. Is it weird that I don’t know what tastemaking is? According to the radio-show host, “he’ll (Perez) be nicely counterbalanced by (musician) Nick Cave.”
The Q airs on CBC Radio 1 Monday to Friday at 10am and 10pm.

Mike Morrison