>A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Vibe’s $100,000 Star Search quarter finals. Mine and the judges pick to win the whole thing was Andy Murphy. Because karma is a good thing he made it to the semi finals and was against two bands. Honestly, it was probably one of the greatest shows I had ever been too! Although I am an Andy fan at heart, all three acts put in newar perfect performances! After each of the acts performed two songs the judges went backstage and took about an hour to decide who would be moving to the finale.

It was so stressful waiting, it was too close to predict.

In the end Andy didn’t make it through, but I think it says something that Andy was the only solo act left in the entire competition! Good show Andy…scratch that…GREAT SHOW!

Below are my favorite songs that he performed during the competition. The first one is called “Homemade Fireflies.” It is the kinda song that sticks in your head all day, mostly cause you can’t stop listening to it. Also, Try watching the 2nd song called “Addicted” without getting chills! I dare ya!

Mike Morrison