Former MTV Vj and “comedian” Pauly Shore will soon be coming to Canada for a national tour.

There was about twelve things wrong with that sentance.  Can you spot them all?

This post about the tour isn’t necessarily to promote the tour, it should serve more as a warning to residents of British Columbia, Alberta, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Whether you like it or not, Pauly Shore will be in your area, do whatever you have to do to protect yourself. Or go if you want.  Just thought either way you should know.

Prince George, BC. Sept. 2nd
Fort St. John, BC.  (2 nights?!?) Sept. 3-4th
Grand Prairie, AB. Sept. 6th
Slave Lake, AB. Sept 8th
Lloydminister, AB. Sept.10
Calgary, AB. Sept 11th (Of all days…)
Edmonton, AB. Sept. 12th
Red Deer, AB. Sept. 13th
Lethbridge, AB. Sept 14th
Medicine Hatt, AB Sept. 15th
Moncton, NB. Sept. 22nd
Fredericton, NB. Sept 23rd
Halifax, NS. Sept. 24th

For once a national tour skips Ontario and goes straight to the maritimes.  Lucky Ontario.

Maybe I’m being too harsh on the star of BioDome.
Will you go see Paulie Shore?

Click here to buy tickets…..

Mike Morrison


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