>I’m finally heading back to my home-base of Calgary today. After a three-week world wind trip that saw me in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, I’m excited to finally put a dent in my ever-growing TIVO recordings. This season, I literally have only watched the first two hours of Grey’s Anatomy. That means that there is going to be a lot of tv watching over the next couple of days! No complaints here.

Since I’m flying all day, I probably won’t be updating much. But make sure you check out some great Canadian blogs to see what else is going on. And let’s be honest, their grammar will probably be a lot better.
  • Out Is Through saw Kylie Minogue in Toronto and said “The woman’s an undeniably natural performer.” in his review.
  • TV-Eh posted the synopsis that CTV released for last night’s two new Degrassis, essentially spoiling it’s on show.
  • Ten Gossip has a ton of Twilight Cast photoshoot pictures. Not my sorta thing, but I realize that I’m the minority on this one.
  • Canadians have a new viewer rating system and a lot of Canadian shows are benefiting from the more accurate rating system. TV Feeds My Family has a great explanation about the PPM Devices.
  • Are you watching SYTYCDC? Don’t know what SYTYCDC is? Tapeworthy has the complete season breakdown for you.
  • XOXO Jess found this hilarious video of Ellen Page and Justin Long celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving. Great find Jess!

Mike Morrison