>This weekend is OSCAR weekend! The good thing about living on the West Coast and having friends with a satelitte is that the Oscars will start at 5pm here! Yeah!

So here is my list of who I’d LOVE to see win, some of them I know won’t. But a bald boy can dream can’t he?

Best Picture: Little Miss Sunshine
Best Actress: Kate Winslett (my heart is still broken from Little Children)
Best Actor: Ryan Gosling (Only because I want him to give a shout out to Breaker High)
Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Hudson (I still haven’t found my socks from them being knocked off)
Best Supporting Actor: Jackie Earle Haley (The creepiest son of bitch around. Seriously, why hasn’t anyone seen Little Children)
Best Director: Scorsese (Because sometimes you just have to do the right thing! Ask Lucci)

Mike Morrison