>There is an episode of the great Veronica Mars called “One Angry Veronica” My roomate decided that my life yesterday warranted a title, “One Angry Michael.”

Over the past 48 hours, techonology has betrayed me on numerous occasions. My Cell Phone Broke, we lost the internet, my DVD recorder broke and then I went to my friends house and now their satellite stopped working. I was done with techonology. I was so angry and since I haven’t been to the gym since that ill timed spandex revival, I couldn’t think of a way to release said anger.

I racked my brain over how to relax and then it came to me. What did I want most in the world? To see someone else’s life whose is worse then mine. The answer became clear Saw III.

I packed up my snacks and went to the movies to witness the mutilation of innocent people (and the actor’s careers) I went by myself and had a great time. It had done the trick. Afterwards, I was talking to someone and they couldn’t believe that I went to the movies by myself. “Is that strange?” I thought.

For the past couple of years I’ve gone to movies by myself, not all the time, but sometimes. The first movie I saw by myself was Forrest Gump, but this was due to doing being ditched at the actual cinema. And although this 12 year old had no idea what this movie was about, I liked chocolates, so it was fine by me.

Since then, I’ve seen quite a few by myself. Some that come to mind: Thank you for smoking, Little Miss Sunshine, Batman Begins, Harry Potter and the something of something.

I figure going to the movies is good practice for when all my friends are old and married and no longer answer the phone when I call them. This way I’ll be used to it.

Oh and yesterday was the first time I turned around and asked someone to be quiet! i’ve never done this before and surely they would listen to the little grumpy bald guy!? They didn’t, so I moved. A small victory.

Mike Morrison