>Have you ever been to the roller derby? Like a real roller derby? Not the kind that is portrayed in that wimpy movie Whip It, where everyone is beautiful and in perfect shape. I’m talking about rowdy, raw, rough and sometimes scary battle on wheels. It is two and a half hours full of checks, hits, blocks, knocks, bumps and bruises. And the best part is that it’s all women!

I’ve been wanting to check out the Calgary Roller Derby because I had heard they were looking for a new location and might be in danger of having to cancel their season. After their regular practice facility had to pull out due to cutbacks, the four Calgary teams are now desperately trying to find a place to practice.
On Saturday night, about ten friends spent only $10 to watch one of the greatest of shows of athleticism I’ve ever seen. I honestly don’t think most NHL-ers could keep up with some of these uber-tough women!

The two teams competing were filled with the who’s who of girls who were not asked to prom. There were rough, they were tough and most of them scared the shit out of me. I loved how these derby girls had no problem throwing each other down the on the ground. And even through they got pushed, shoved and slammed down for more than two hours, they got up and kept going each and every time. Even while writing this, I’m remembering the thrill of seeing girls slam into the bleachers, scrap themselves up and go back for more! Needless to say, the roller derby was the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen in Calgary – and I’ve lived through five Stampedes.
By the end of the night, I was left with only question: How is this not an Olympic sport?!

The captain’s team name was my favourite of the night: Brazilian Whacks!

Mike Morrison