I’m not really sure what women do to get ready, but let’s assume women all over the country are doing that exactly that as the producers for The Bachelor Canada have officially begun making their way across the country, hoping to find the lucky 25 women who will be vying for our yet un-named Bachelor’s heart.

Today, the casting call found the Bachelor producers here in Calgary, where from the early hours of the morning, women were dressed up to the nines, ready to start looking for love…and maybe a little fame.

(Bachelor hopefuls from left to right: Roxanne, Michelle and Erin.)

Three of those girls were Roxanne, Michelle and Erin. I met them while they were standing in line and we talked about why they’d be good for the show and why “the one” has so far proven elusive.

 So why are you three here this morning?
Roxanne: I’m here to find true love and I thought this would be a fun and exciting way to find it.

Michelle: I’m here to hopefully to meet somebody who’s different and non-conventional, because this is a bit of a non-conventional way of meeting somebody.  I like that, I think it’d be fun!

Erin: I’m here because I’ve had a bunch of bad breakups, with a bunch of great guys and I’m just hoping that the person that they pick for The Bachelor is actually in the right place and actually wants to commit to something.

So that brings up a good point, what are you looking for in the Bachelor?
I’m hoping that he is intelligent, confident, kind and family-oriented and the same place that I am: Looking to find that special person and soul mate to share the rest of his life with.

Michelle: I don’t know who it should be, maybe Ryan Gosling!  Or Ryan Reynold, really any of the Canadian Ryan’s is okay by me.   I’m just looking for someone that is fun, spontaneous and family orientated and doesn’t take life or themselves too seriously.  They just have to be ready to be in a serious and committed relationship.

Erin: I want someone that is proud to be together and shows you that they care, as much as you care and that wants this!

So how have you found yourselves single and at a casting call for a dating show?
Roxanne: I believe I’m single because I haven’t found the right person yet. I have been through relationships and they just haven’t been successful.  You know, friends and family have tried to set me up and to meet the right person, I’ve tried dating sites and they just haven’t been working.  So I thought I’d try something new and I just think it would be a fun way to meet someone.

Michelle: I’m single now mainly by choice. I went through a bunch of relationships, one of them quite bad and after that I just wasn’t quite ready to be in a relationship any more, I needed to find out who I was. So I think I’m in a place now where I can start looking for someone who actually wants a real relationship.

Erin: I think I’m here because it’s the type of thing that I would do!  I wanted to do it and I even applied for the American edition of the show and now that it’s here, it’s the perfect opportunity.

(More Bachelor hopefuls from left to right: Alanna 23, Laura 30,  Whitney 24, Michelle 26 and Sandy 29.)

The Bachelor Canada Casting Call continues: Winnipeg (Feb.23rd), Toronto (Feb. 25th and 26th), Montreal (Feb. 27th) and Halifax (Feb 28th.)

The Bachelor Canada will premiere this Fall on CityTV.


Mike Morrison