>I’ve been in Vancouver for just over a day now and so far everything has been great. It has be fun to get here for the big crowds, because I’ve been able to check out of the exhibits without fighting with thousands of people, all sporting dangerous umbrellas.

I’ve not been able to resign myself to the fact that I’m not going to the Opening Ceremonies. I keep hoping I’ll find someone willing to sell tickets at cost, but I think that is as hopeless as wishing for my hair to start growing back. I have to realize it is not happening. But if you are lucky enough to go or even watch The Opening Ceremonies, I’ve been hearing nothing but amazing things about the show. It will definitely be one for the record books.
I have no idea what we’ll be getting up to the in the next couple of days, but I’m sure we’ll find lots to do.
Here are some of the pictures so far!

Every business in Vancouver is clinging desperately to the Olympics. Here is a prime example:

One day! I think I have a bunch of this same picture, starting around the 800s.
Who knew surfing was an Olympic sport…..
Really cool art pieces all over the city. I just assumed this was Russia’s contribution.
There are lines everywhere. This is a line to ask people what they are in line for.

Mike Morrison


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